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Mentioned as far back around 1478, Roero Arneis is a pearl for the local oenology.
The word Arneis, in the local dialect, means an extrovert person a little rebellious and funny.
Mumplin is made from special selected grapes that come from own estate vineyard to guarantee a wine with the maxim quality .

Grape varieties:
Arneis 100%

Vineyard location:
medium-high hillside (200-300m asl) with south-ouest exposure, in the district of Canale.
The soil of ancient time, characterized by ‘The Rocche’, is friable, sandy and ochred colour. The Astiane marls – of Pilocene age – are an excellent enviroment to produce full bodied wines, but with finesse and elegance.

The grapes are carefully picked up by end in the first/second week of September.
The grapes undergo soft pressing and the must is separed by the skins. The fermentation is carried out in stainless steel vats at low temperature, prior to refrigeration and static racking of the must.

Part of the wine stays in small french oak barrels for around 12 months, and while the remaining is stored in stainless steel tanks.
The two parts are then blended and complete the maturation for at least 12 months in stainless steel tanks.

Tasting Notes:
Deep yellow colour.
Intense bouquet with exotic fruit, tangerine peel and vanilla hints.
The taste is rich, velvety. Long lasting aftertaste that reminds the bouque

Food pairing:
Excellent wth salmon, pasta, white meats, soft and fresh cheese.
Serving Temperature 10° C
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